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Strategic Meetings

Known for the seamless integration of planning, design and production, clients rely on B. Taylor & Associates for a uniquely comprehensive strategic meeting experiences. We are supported by a talented team of creatives and logisticians, each with superior attention to detail and a passion for excellence. Not only is the level of service we offer exceptional, so is the caliber of our work. We are known for our unique strategic meetings, which always reflect our clients' sensibilities and goals.


At the core of the B. Taylor & Associates philosophy our belief that a well-orchestrated strategic meeting is the result of a focused and creative vision, combined with extensive pre-planning and careful attention to detail in a collaborative environment. Strategic meetings should flow smoothly, and feel effortless – with every need anticipated so that participants are at ease and focused.


We have extensive experience managing strategic meetings with many moving parts and a myriad of details, and are equally comfortable coordinating off-premise and hotel-based venues. We have the depth of experience to make the decisions that need to be made to keep things moving, and, importantly, know when to ask critical questions.


Our work style is collaborative and open. We have built strong relationships with top industry professionals in the industry, and work closely with them during the event planning process, leading and inspiring them to do their very best. Guided by your vision and our expertise, we are dedicated to making sure that each aspect of your strategic meeting is intentional.

The backbone of our philosophy is the great care and discretion with which we handle each strategic meeting, paying attention to each participant’s needs. It is integral to our philosophy to develop a unifying vision for every strategic meeting we create. We believe that it is crucial that there is one point person who has an overview of every element of the meeting, to ensure that each strategic meeting has a cohesive feel, a consistency. It is this consistency that strengthens the mental and experiential aspects of an event, and therefore the overall impression it will have on the guests.