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Corporate evening management boils down to sound planning, strategic execution and controlling chaos. There is a lot to manage with conferences, trade shows, product activations and executive productions. We specialize in creating events with cutting edge, industry breaking transparent processes that keep your targets engaged and your goal in the forefront.

Objective Identification

We ensure that your corporate event is aligned with your goal and that it stays connected to your event’s objectives. From suppliers to registration to landing pages, each layer is intentional.

Back-of-House Functions

We ensure that we select vendors and contract workers whose brands are aligned and cultures are in agreement. We have solid working relationships with our extensive network of professionals.

Event Registrations

Our event registrations include options such as pre-event surveys, payment systems, hotel and travel bookings, and session scheduling. We get as much beneficial information as possible at registration.

Event Communication

We keep event attendees engaged. We extend event based apps and communication tools that increase attendee satisfaction. They also help events run more smoothly by helping everyone stay on schedule.

"I tell young people - including my granddaughter - there is no shortcut in life. You have to take it one step at a time and work hard. And you have to give back."

Hank Aaron - SVP, Atlanta Braves