Our Clients


B. Taylor & Associates specializes in the design, planning and execution of highly successful corporate events. We’re committed to producing occasions that create the best memories. We know that every event is unique. Whether the focus is on employee appreciation, recognition, and retention, creating a team bonding experience, or providing an educational opportunity; we listen to your ideas and help to make your vision a reality, with an end result that exceeds your expectations.


We have a wealth of event management experience, scores of ideas and know exactly which industry contacts and vendors will be the best fit for your company and event.

Detail Oriented

A perfectly executed event is all in the details, and there is no one better with details than B. Taylor & Associates.

Creative Visionaries

We listen to your ideas, understand your vision, and then work with you to bring your ideas from concept to reality.

At B. Taylor & Associates, we firmly believe that exceptional corporate meeting and event management encompass flawless execution based on the strategic goals of our clients. From the inception of the idea, we take a holistic approach to each component. We believe the work done before, during and after your corporate event is as important as the event experience itself. Once event design has been crafted, vendors are secured, production details are completed. You will have peace of mind knowing our event engineers have coordinated the full range of details involved in event management with the best return on your investment.