About B. Taylor & Associates

We Exceed

B.Taylor and Associates is an Atlanta based event management firm that specializes in corporate, non-profit, civic and politically inspired events. Our primary focus it to orchestrate a professional production from start to end. We marry strategic planning with our clients visions to create a life changing experience. With over fifteen years of experience we provide a seasoned team of experts that are dedicated to serving our clients.

Experienced Consultants

Our vast experience equips us with unmatched knowledge and experience. This advantage helps us to plan events for our clients that deliver the most impactful results.

Cost Effective

We help you reduce costs for your event by offering valuable planning advice, maintaining healthy relationships with suppliers and extending network discounts that help you reach your goal.

Goal Driven

We produce goal driven events that integrate your company’s sales and marketing message into every aspect of the program that leaves your audience informed.

Strategically Focused

We strategically plan goal focused events designed to implement the most relevant solutions and actionable insights to move business and policital agendas forward.

"What separates those who achieve from those who do not is in direct proportion to one’s ability to ask for help."

Don Keough - CEO, Coca-Cola