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Your political event is much more than an event. It’s your message and mission. Behind the logistics and planning, a creative political event can encourage attendees to open their hearts and minds to support officials. No matter what your political occasion may be, we know that every single detail reflects your administration’s brand. Every single detail must be perfect. We take your event to a level beyond political, to engagement on a personal level that each guest can intimately feel.


Your administration hosts events to connect with your constituents. The event you create must have purpose, and promote your goals and values with its look, flow and feel. Make a lasting impression by creating an experience that is unique and worthwhile.


We start by listening and understanding the end goal of each event we plan. Every idea, detail and decision is made with your long term plan in mind. Doing so ensures our contribution adds value and represents your mission.


Our goal is to meet your attendee and financial expectations. We work with your team so you can keep doing what you do best, day in and day out. We become your partner, and always stay true to your s individual identity on the campaign trail.

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B. Taylor & Associates knows the best political events feature the latest trends and most unique ideas. B. Taylor & Associates is a full service strategy based consulting and design firm. In the planning process, we work closely with each client to develop and deliver sublime events. Armed with strong vendor relationships, extensive experience, and old-fashioned know-how, B. Taylor & Associates expose each client to the art of fine entertaining.

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