Our Work

Case Study

The Georgia Entertainment Caucus Award Ceremony was held on September 11, 2019 at the Georgia State Capital. Music Mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs was honored for his contributions to music. Amongst the attendees, several of Combs close family and friends including Dallas Austin, Eboni Elektra, Ga. Rep. Erica Thomas and Vice President, Creative at BMI, Catherine Brewton stood witness as he received the incredible honor. Combs received a State Resolution for his achievements in entertainment and business.


The logistics of the event included the management of vendor services, security and the competent management of the flow of visitors. Our biggest challenge was problem solving and adjusting to the needs and demands of the celebrities and their security.


The primary goal was to ensure the safety and meet the demands of the celebrities, government officials and attendees while balancing a successful event. The security team preformed a brief sweep of the capital the day and moments prior to the arrival of the guests.

Media Management

Identifying key member of the media is important. Balancing their needs with the needs of the attendees and the celebrities was challenging. Members of the press were allowed to obtain direct quotes and ask questions.

The biggest caveat to ensure the success of the Georgia Entertainment Caucus Award Ceremony was effectively managing logistics. People skills and communication were key. Primary vendors included security, transportation and media services management.